The First Years

Scripted reality serie - NPO 3 - 7 seasons - 11 min

The First Years is a contemporary scripted reality series about the first year of secondary school.

Targeted at young schoolchildren with recognizable and poignant stories about the fascinations, challenges and problems of
first graders. Falling in and out of love, struggling with identity, grades and each other. But also social themes such as bullying can be addressed in this series. The stories are based on true events, which makes them
very recognizable for young viewers. But also uplifting: friendship, first kiss, pranks… The First Years is the most popular kids show in Holland. It is the biggest show on social media such as Instagram en Facebook. Season 7 is on air now.

And The First Years is becoming a worldwide hit! The series has local adaptions on DR in Denmark, SVT in Sweden, Polsat in Poland and BBC in the UK. Bunnim Murray recently optioned the format for the US market.