Felicita films
Marie Guillaumond 

Formerly the Artistic Director of French TV fiction at TF1, Marie Guillaumond is credited with successful shows like Le secret d’Elise, Insoupçonnable, Une chance de trop, La Mante, Sam, and Les bracelets rouges. In 2019, she founded her own production company called Felicita Films. 

Initially focused on audiovisual content, Felicita Films produced TV movies like Belle belle belle, Entre ses mains, and the series Mensonges. More recently, the company has expanded into the world of cinema with À la hauteur, a feature film directed by Delphine and Muriel Coulin, starring Vincent Lindon, Benjamin Voisin, and Stéphane Crépon. The series adaptation of the film is scheduled for release in 2024.

Felicita Films is currently developing numerous projects for both French television networks and international streaming platforms.