19 March 2024
The “Mille Bornes Challenge” will be broadcast on TF1 on 7 April at 8:10 am

The Mille Bornes Challenge is the most famous cross karting race for aspiring drivers! Five highly promising teams compete and travel together to the four corners of the world. They will experience around fifty thrilling races in different regions and an equally eventful life in the caravan!

The Mille Bornes Challenge is a prestigious sporting competition that all participants dream of winning. The spectators follow it live, as if they were there!

Luna, a novice but very talented pilot, and Loops, her co-pilot for whom nothing is impossible, are on the starting line. These challengers, last minute replacements, proudly wear the Arrows colours to compete against the four other teams vying for the Mille Bornes Challenge trophy. The strength of their friendship and their combined talents could work wonders!

Fasten your seatbelts, the race is on!

Format: 52 x 11′ including 2 special 22′ episodes

Genre: Comedy/Action-Racing

Production: Blue Spirit

Discover TFOU’s new animated series “MILLE BORNES CHALLENGE” from Sunday 7 April at 8:10 am on TF1 and on TF1+, the new free streaming platform.