The Juliet label was created with a vision to produce films and series that empower women, celebrate identity, advocate for sustainability, and resonate with new generations. Our mission is to redefine the portrayal of women, offering narratives that are encouraging, while supporting a world where everyone can freely develop their identities.

Juliet is managed by Iris Otten and Nathalie van der Burg. With a solid partnership since 2009 at Pupkin, they’ve produced successful features such as Quality Time (2017), Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019, both in the Tiger competition at IFFR) and Paradise Drifters (2020, premiered at the Berlinale and IFFR), the Emmy-nominated productions Penguins & Pastries (2014) and Boys (2014). Furthermore, they’ve earned national acclaim with awards for Best Film and Best TV Drama, including The Peter Pan Man (2014), We Will Never Be Royals (2015), and Seven Little Criminals (2019). More recently, they produced the high-end family series Lampie (2022), based on the bestselling children’s book by Annet Schaap, which received a national nomination for Best TV Drama, and premiered the family feature Jippie No More! (2023).