CAPA Presse
Patrice Lorton

For over 30 years, the people at CAPA, whether journalists or visual storytellers, have been sharing stories from around the world. 

Back in 1989, Hervé Chabalier founded CAPA with a vision to cover “all worlds,” whether in documentaries, reporting, or fiction. CAPA captures the lives of celebrities and the workings of companies just as it captures the hottest news. 

Three decades later, CAPA is the top agency for documentaries and reports in France. It’s also known for its fiction and corporate work. 

Today, as part of Newen Studios, CAPA continues its mission to show the sometimes tough, sometimes beautiful sides of our world through visuals. 

Our main goal? To never take the easy path, always finding new ways to tell stories, investigate, discover fresh talent, push boundaries, and use modernity to bring meaning, ensuring that what’s interesting is never boring. We believe this is the way to win the battle for intelligence over mediocrity. 

From the Morvan hills to the mountains of Afghanistan, from the glamour of Cannes to the concrete of Fukushima, from behind-the-scenes in Paris to the ruins of Syria, we’re interested in people, no matter where they are. We’re always there, no matter how far. 

In a world where every smartphone can capture events and images spread instantly, what’s often missing is a discerning perspective. In our documentaries, reports, and programs, we provide that perspective. 

If you watch TV or streaming platforms, you’ve probably come across us, and we hope you’ve noticed us too.

Some productions

The occupiers
Rape, a Challenge for Justice
Colombia: Peace Confiscated – Hostage’s Testimonies
L’histoire au scalpel : Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène – Le dernier acte