Flare Film

Since 2008, Flare Film has been producing feature films and documentaries for cinema and TV, as well as TV series. They are not tied to one genre; their range is wide and diverse. Flare Film always aims to tell stories that are as entertaining as they are meaningful and focuses on projects with strong artistic voices. 

The Flare Film team values long-lasting and trusting relationships with their filmmakers and partners, and they are known for being passionate, reliable, and courageous. From the very first idea, they are interested in working closely together on all important creative and financial aspects of a project. 

Since 2021, Flare Film has been a part of Newen Studios, which is one of the largest European production and distribution groups with a strong network of producers and worldwide sales capabilities. 

The Flare Film team consists of Martin Heisler (Founder, Managing Director, Producer), Eva Kemme (Managing Director, Producer), Maxim Juretzka (Managing Director, Head of Production for Feature Films), Gabriele Simon (Producer for Feature Films), Konstanze Speidel (Producer for Documentaries), Sven Miehe (Producer for TV Series), Martina Hedwig (Line Producer for Documentaries), Valeria Venturelli (Project Coordinator for Feature Films/Series), Julia Richter (Production Coordinator for Documentaries), VĂ­ctor Gutierrez (Team Assistance), and Sylvia Lehnert (Accounting).