Aux Singuliers
Joris Charpentier

Joris Charpentier founded “Aux Singuliers” to develop series, platform-specific content, and cinema films. 

After a career that spanned Paris, London with Studiocanal, and a stint in Los Angeles, Joris Charpentier joined Newen Studios to develop local and European projects driven by talents with unique and strong voices. 

Through Aux Singuliers, Joris aims to support a greater variety of genre stories, diverse in their characters and the talents both in front of and behind the camera. He collaborates with French-speaking and English-speaking authors and is open to co-productions. 

He is currently working on several series projects, both for linear TV and streaming platforms, as well as a cinema film project. 

Because being singular is a collective effort, “Aux Singuliers” is written in the plural form.