Marie Dupuy d’Angeac
Lolita Franchet

Barjac is, above all, driven by a passion for fiction, a bold spirit, and a craving for new challenges in a rapidly changing landscape. 

Fictions not only reflect life but also provide a wide-open gateway to the realm of imagination. 

Within Barjac, the team’s DNA is all about stories, all kinds of stories. The imaginary worlds to explore are limitless! 

Production also involves collective collaboration with a wonderful team, including Lolita Franchet, who has been a producer alongside Marie Dupuy d’Angeac since April 2021, Charlotte Faure, Literary Director, and Marjorie Groiselle, who supports the team on a daily basis. Barjac is dedicated to bringing together talents and skills to create beautiful synergies. 

Some productions

Emma Bovary