Nimbus Film was founded in 1993 by Birgitte Hald and Bo Ehrhardt, both of whom had received producer education from the National Film School of Denmark. Their mission is to create high-quality scripted fiction for domestic and international audiences, incorporating a blend of established and up-and-coming talent and styles. 

In 2019, Nimbus became a part of the Newen Studios Group, broadening its global network. In 2023, they also acquired a stake in their Danish counterpart, Tall & Small. Nimbus Film is situated in Copenhagen and maintains a dynamic team of varying size, typically consisting of 11 to 14 individuals, depending on operational needs. They regularly welcome trainees and interns who bring fresh perspectives and serve as a source of recruitment. 

The company’s adaptability is considered its strength, as it remains flexible and continually seeks innovative approaches to navigate the ever-evolving film and production industry. 

Projects at Nimbus Film thrive on collaboration between producers, scriptwriters, and directors. The producer lineup includes Birgitte Hald (CEO), Bo Ehrhardt (partner), Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh, Jonas Frederiksen, Anne Hørlyck, and Live Rørnæs Hide. 

Kim Vestergaard oversees the financial department and serves as a board member, while lawyer Steen Gori heads the legal department, and Claus Thobo-Carlsen manages day-to-day operations, leading the management and facilities. 

Nimbus Film’s catalog encompasses over 60 films, among them notable works such as Festen and Mifunes. Since their involvement in Denmark’s cinematic new wave, DOGMA, during the ’90s, they have maintained a youthful and creative spirit, consistently delivering a stream of movies and TV shows. They take particular pride in the internationally acclaimed TV series, Broen 1-4 (The Bridge).