17 Juin Fiction

17 Juin is an audiovisual production company founded in 1992 by Christian Gerin. 

At the time, French television had no health-related programs. This led to the creation of Savoir plus santé on France 2, followed by Le Journal de la santé on France 5, which later became Le Magazine de la santé. Over the years, this health-focused division expanded to include investigative documentaries like Enquête de santé on France 5, as well as documentary series like Aventures de médecine on France 2 and personality-driven shows like Les Pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain on France 2 (in collaboration with Éléphant & Cie). 

In 2000, 17 Juin created Faites entrer l’accusé (FELA), a program that became a reference in the treatment of criminal cases. Committed to approaching true crime stories in a non-sensational manner, 17 Juin launched Mémoire du crime in 2015, in the spirit of FELA. This show delves into major legal cases, focusing on their psychological aspects (aired on Planète +). 

Evolving into a leading name in the field of scientific documentaries, 17 Juin ventured into the development of its first docu-fiction, L’Odyssée de l’espèce, in 2003. This experience was followed by L’Odyssée de la vie in 2005 and L’Odyssée de l’amour in 2008, all produced for France Télévisions (in collaboration with Transparence). 

These experiences marked the birth of 17 Juin Fiction. Subsequently, they produced three standalone dramas: Mon frère Yves for France 3, Les mains de Roxana for France 2, and Le choix de Cheyenne for France 3. Afterward, 17 Juin Fiction integrated into the Newen Group and embarked on the production of new projects, including La doc et le véto, Yemma, #FFG, and more.

Some productions

La doc et le véto