21 March 2024
Mademoiselle Holmes will be broadcast on TF1 on April 11th at 9:10PM and will stream on TF1+

Discover Mademoiselle Holmes, a series directed by Frédéric Berthe (episodes 1 to 4) and François Ryckelynck (episodes 5 and 6), starring Lola Dewaere and Tom Villa, starting April 11th on TF1.

Who would have thought that Charlie (Lola Dewaere), a discreet and shy cop who still lives with her grandfather (Daniel Prévost), is the descendant of the famous Sherlock Holmes…?!

Until the day she is hit by a car and has an epiphany. The flavorless and inhibited Charlie suddenly overflows with energy. For the first time, she embraces life to the fullest. Her extraordinary intelligence and empathy make her a cop as brilliant as she is unpredictable.

By meeting Samy (Tom Villa), who will become her Watson, Charlie will finally embrace herself as a cop, woman… and Holmes!

A series created by Victoria Spennato

In collaboration with Laëtitia Kügler and with the participation of Laure Mentzel and Mélusine Laura Raynaud


Lola Dewaere (Charlie Holmes)
Tom Villa (Samy Vatel)
Daniel Prevost (George Holmes)
Thomas Jouannet (Chris Hervieu)
Alika Del Sol (Florence Billon)

A Marysol production
Produced by Cyrielle Mottin and Paloma Martin Y Prada
In coproduction with TF1