17 Juin
Gaëlle Chauvin

Information, education, investigations, testimonials, and analysis are the core components of 17 Juin’s work, primarily centered around two main themes: health and justice. 

In September 1992, Christian Gerin established 17 Juin Media, which over time would bring together a press agency and various production companies dedicated to magazines, reports, talk shows, documentaries, and websites, all driven by a strong journalistic and scientific culture. 

30 years later, 17 Juin has become the leading agency in France for producing content related to health and medicine, and it is recognized for its professionalism in handling legal affairs. 

Today, as part of Newen Studios, 17 Juin strives to inform and entertain while remaining closely connected to viewers through French television channels, social media, and streaming platforms. 

The expertise and skills of 17 Juin’s journalists and production teams have been evident in various domains, including: 

Health, such as Le Magazine de la santé on France 5, Allô docteurs on France 5, Enquête de santé on France 5, Prenez soin de vous on France 2/France 5, Bonjour Santé on Canal+, Les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain on France 2, Tout le monde joue on France 2. 

Police/Justice with productions like Faites entrer l’accusé (originally on France 2, then RMC Story, then RMC Découverte), Psycho du Crime, Labo du Crime, Mémoire du Crime (Groupe Canal+). 

Talk shows/entertainment/culture: Recto verso on Paris Première, Ça ne sortira pas d’ici on France 2. 

Documentaries like L’Odyssée de l’Espèce, Hippocrate aux enfers, Les médecins dans la Résistance, Dans l’œil du peintre, Je dis donc je suis

Fiction: Meurtre en pays d’Oléron, La doc et le véto

17 Juin also produces original content for social media platforms (Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), particularly with a focus on health prevention, information, and education. 

Some productions

Qui dort perd ! La grande expérience du sommeil
Faites entrer l’accusé
Le magazine de la santé