Plus Belle La Vie

Daily drama - France 3 - 15 seasons - 25 min

In the heart of Marseilles, in the working-class district of Le Mistral, the inhabitants rub shoulders, generally get along, fall in love and sometimes even fight. The lives of several families revolve around the Bar du Mistral, run by Roland. Each character, in his or her own way, reflects French society of the past 15 years, in a number of common and significant lifestyle and work places, such as the police station, the hospital and the high school. Between love stories and criminal investigations, the characters, of all ages, and all social and cultural backgrounds, blend humor, affection, passion, laughter and tears…

Produced by

Sébastien Charbit, Aïssata Sy, Michelle Podroznik (Rendez-vous Productions)


Michel Cordes, Sylvie Flepp, Rebecca Hampton, Serge Dupire, Laetitia Milot, Laurent Kérusoré, Fabienne Carat, Elodie Varlet, Stéphane Hénon, Bryan Trésor, Grant Lawrens, Eléonore Sarrazin