3 June 2024
The documentary “Russia, Indoctrination of a Nation” wins two prices at the FIGRA Festival

The documentary film “Russia, Indoctrination of Nation” won two awards last weekend (02/06/2024) at the International Festival of Major Reportage and Social Documentary (FIGRA Festival): the Youth Jury Prize and a Special Mention from the Jury.

A poignant film directed by Ksenia Bolchakova and Veronika Dorman, produced by Alexandra Jousset and Franck Duprat for CAPA Presse, in collaboration with France Télévisions, ZDF Productions, RTBF, and RTS.

Summary : On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Part of the population cheered while the others watched in silent disgust. Although the entire world is horrified by this anachronic war in the heart of Europe, the Russians have more or less willingly backed the “special operation” to “denazify” a formerly sister nation. Patriotic indoctrination, propaganda, muzzled media, single party rule, our film investigates how Putin’s Russia has become that of a people that doesn’t react and toes the line. An unprecedented journey into the heart of a brainwashed, intimidated society, and an in-depth investigation into the inner workings of Russia’s repressive machine.