3 June 2024
“Open Season” Captivates French Audiences in Cinemas and on VOD

Nearly 2 million viewers went to see “Open Season” in theaters! The film is also number 1 on VOD in France, three weeks after its release.

Another success for TF1 Studio.

  • A film produced by Curiosa Films, Starman Films, in co-production with TF1 Films Production, TF1 Studio, and UGC.
  • Distributed by UGC Distribution and TF1 Studio.
  • International sales: Newen Connect.
  • Directed by Frédéric Forestier and Antonin Fourlon.

Synopsys : Adelaide, Simon and their two young kids, oppressed in their cramped one-bedroom flat in the city, dream of having a peaceful house of their own with a garden. So the day they find a spacious country home on a gorgeous piece of land at an amazing price, they buy it fast! The village, way out in the country, is as charming as the people who live there. But once they’ve fixed up the house and moved in, they find out the hitch: a legal access in their deed of sale allows the entire village to hunt on their property. It’s not long before beasts start trampling into the house and bullets start flying! Adelaide and Simon come up with a plan to prevent the hunters from disturbing their home, but the locals find out and devise countermeasures. The war is on! Will they ever make it out of the crossfire and find a way to livetogether in peace?