8 November 2023
Newen Studios strengthens its presence in animation with Digital Banana and Brain Comet

Newen Studios is strengthening its presence in animation with the acquisition of Digital Banana and a minority stake in Brain Comet to consolidate its position in this fast-growing industry.

Digital Banana, a pioneer in the development of audiovisual and digital projects

Since 2005, Digital Banana, founded and led by Charles Beirnaert, also known as John Banana, become the partner of choice in the audiovisual and digital project development sector. The company, which has earned a reputation to design video game cinematics and trailers, advertisements, animated series and films, as well as graphic design of iconic characters. The company is renowned for its expertise, ranging from the creation of original content to the adaptation of classic works. Digital Banana excels in the production of 2D, 3D, and hybrid (live + animation) trailers and pilots, showcasing an ingenious spirit of innovation.

Digital Banana has received numerous rewards at international festivals, in recognition of its projects and short films. Many animated series have benefited from its unique perspective and expertise in development.

Brain Comet: innovation and creativity in audiovisual production

Newen Studios is also partnering with Brain Comet, a company created and managed by John Banana, by acquiring a minority stake in the business. The company specializes in developing unique concepts for series and films using various animation techniques under the leadership of Nicolas Monteiro, who, as a producer, has overseen the growth of its project portfolio.

Olivier Lelardoux, CEO of Blue Spirit says: “The arrival of Digital Banana and Brain Comet within the Blue Spirit family of the Newen Studios group promises to be a fantastic adventure. The merger of Digital Banana’s talents and expertise with Blue Spirit’s teams represents a significant step forward, greatly enriching our creative offering.”

John Banana, founder of Digital Banana and Brain Comet adds: “I am thrilled to join the Newen Studios group and work closely with Olivier and the Blue Spirit teams. I am convinced that this collaboration will enhance our structures, aligned in their creative and visual ambitions, both for our ongoing projects and future productions.”