18 January 2024
Newen Studios renews its support for the European Conservatory of Audiovisual Writing (CEEA)

Newen Studios is supporting young talents in the audiovisual sector by renewing its commitment to the European Conservatory of Audiovisual Writing (CEEA), granting scholarships to four screenwriting students. Newen Studios and CEEA share a common vision to promote the creation of French fiction while nurturing emerging talents.

Established in 1996 through the involvement of industry professionals such as broadcasters and institutional actors, under the leadership of Patrick Vanetti, the CEEA association is exclusively dedicated to training screenwriters. Its primary goal is to professionalize fiction authors.

With the collective desire to provide the best possible study conditions, Newen Studios is providing financial support to four students throughout their two-year training.

According to Léonor Grandsire, Deputy General Manager of Newen France:

“We are delighted, through this partnership with CEEA, to have enabled screenwriting students to fully dedicate themselves to their education for the past 5 years. Newen Studios’ commitment aims to promote diversity in the field of French creation by offering equitable opportunities to all talented students, regardless of their social background or financial resources. In doing so, we hope to encourage the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds, contributing to enrich and invigorate the French creative landscape.”

According to Vincent Leclercq, President of CEEA:

“For a long time, CEEA has placed great importance on the cultural, geographical, and economic diversity of its students. The school is tuition-free, but the cost of living in Paris is high. The support from Newen Studios is invaluable to ensure genuine equal opportunities throughout the intense two-year program.”

Patrick Vanetti, Director of CEEA, states:

“Over 5 years, this aid, provided in the form of living scholarships, has enabled 20 CEEA students to pursue their education in the best possible conditions. This partnership bears fruit beyond the curriculum, as some graduates have since joined the writing teams of flagship programs produced by Newen Studios.”

About Newen Studios

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