1 September 2023
Newen Connect fashions global distribution deals for HIGH & LOW – JOHN GALLIANO

Days after it was announced that HIGH & LOW – JOHN GALLIANO would be premiering at the 50th Telluride Film Festival, European film & tv distributor Newen Connect has unveiled a suite of sales across Europe and the Asia-Pacific for the documentary portrait of the iconic fashion designer.

Directed by Academy Award-winning® Kevin Macdonald and produced by Chloe Mamelok and Kevin Macdonald through KGB Films, in association with Condé Nast Entertainment, new deals for the feature (in addition to those outlined through its partnership with MUBI) have been concluded with major distributors in ten major markets: Italy (I WONDER PICTURES); Scandinavia (NON STOP ENTERTAINMENT); Spain (FILMIN); Switzerland (PATHE FILMS); Bulgaria (BETA); Australia and New-Zealand (KISMET); Japan (KINOSHITA) Hong Kong (EDKO); Indonesia (FALCON) and Israel (LEV FILMS).

TF1 Studio will release the film in France with UGC as its theatrical partner.

Announcing the deals, Alice Damiani, SVP, International Film Sales, Newen Connect said: “Newen Connect is thrilled that HIGH & LOW – JOHN GALLIANO will be premiering at the Telluride Film Festival in such an important anniversary year. It is testament to the brilliant storytelling of director Kevin Macdonald and our continuing fascination with an iconic character like John Galliano. This interest is reflected in the wide-ranging sales to global film distributors announced today, along with our previously-announced partnership with MUBI, and we look forward to announcing more deals in the future.”

Widely recognized as one of the most influential and successful fashion designers of our time, John Galliano dressed the most beautiful and influential men and women in the world for almost 15 years at Givenchy and Dior. He reinvented the fashion industry by transforming his runway shows into immersive fantasies and helped turn high-fashion from an elitist niche into a multi-billion-dollar global business.

In 2011, Galliano’s career abruptly ended after being caught on video using shocking antisemitic and racist insults. Academy Award-winner® Kevin Macdonald’s film investigates the multiple facets and contradictions of Galliano’s character and the context, including decades of industry pressure and drug and alcohol addiction, that surrounded his downfall and ongoing recovery. Through interviews with his closest friends and family, as well as some of the most well-known celebrities of the fashion and pop world, and with John Galliano himself, Macdonald portrays the man behind the fashion genius and his search for redemption.

Featuring conversations with Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Anna Wintour, Edward Enninful, Boris Cyrulnik, Hamish Bowles, and Sidney Toledano, among others.

Further deals for HIGH & LOW – JOHN GALLIANO are currently in negotiation, while additional opportunities for North America, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Latin America, Benelux, Turkey and India are being managed by MUBI after it was announced earlier this year that the film distributor, streaming service and production company had snapped up the film rights for these markets from Newen Connect.