11 June 2024
“Cat’s Eyes” lands on its feet as Newen Connect scores further European pre-sales

Live action drama, “Cat’s Eyes“, based on the cult manga series, is continuing its prowl of European broadcasters, as Newen Connect today announced two more pre-buys of the series, before the show has even premiered.

Pre-sales off the eight-part action-packed TF1 show have been agreed with Germany’s ZDF and Italy’s Rai and build on previously announced sales to Belgium (RTL) and Switzerland (RTS) and pre-existing deals with Amazon as co-financiers for a second window in France and first window in Latin America and Japan.

Leona Connell, Chief Commercial Officer, Newen Connect said:

We are seeing significant interest in “Cat’s Eyes” from streamers and broadcasters all around the world, and that has to be a testament to the team at Big Band Story, the writers and of course the amazing cast and crew, as well as the brilliant Newen Connect sales team, who were tasked with finding significant co-production partners to fund the series and an accelerated timescale in which to deliver it. Cat’s Eyes is TF1’s most ambitious series to date and has all the hallmarks of a show that we are proud to have in our catalogue. I’m excited to see where “Cat’s Eyes” goes next.

“Cat’s Eyes” stars Camille Lou (“Women at War”, “Bonfire of Destiny”), Contance Labbé (“Balthazar”), and Claire Romain (“Where It All Begins”) as the Chamade sisters Tam, Sylvia and Alexia, on the prowl for the most beautiful and secured artworks in Paris.

After years apart, the trio gets back together to steal a work of art, on display in a high-class exhibition at the Eiffel Tower. The siblings hope that the artwork which belongs to their father, will help them solve the mystery of his disappearance years earlier, when a fire broke out in his art gallery.

Police chief and head of its organised crime unit Quentin Chapuis (Mohamed Belkhir, better known as vocalist and beatboxer MB14) is soon on their trail. What he doesn’t know is that the great love of his life – Tam – leads a double life and is one of the uncatchable phantom thieves.

Directed by Alexandre Laurent (“Women at War”), the series was created by Michel Catz based on the work of Tsukasa Hojo. Michel Catz wrote the script along with Justine Kim-Gautier, Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Anne-Charlotte Kassab, Coline Dussaud and Audrey Gagneux. The show is produced by Benjamin Dupont Jubien and Mehdi Sabbar of Big Band Story.