Newen Studios announces the launch of its metaverse: the Newen Meta Sky

05/05 | 10:33

First European Meta Hub for the content production and distribution, the Newen Meta Sky project is in line with the desire of Newen Studios and its shareholder TF1 to encourage a deep innovation dynamic within the audiovisual and cinematographic market.

With a launch during the Cannes Festival 2022, the Newen Meta Sky will aim to become a unique European marketplace, an agile and scalable complement to face-to-face markets. Attractive for talents, creators, authors as well as financiers and broadcasters from all over the world, it will allow to discover projects, finance them, and promote them internationally.

Marianne Carpentier, Head of Innovation and Technology – Newen Studios: “Technological innovation allows us to respond to problems and constraints in creative ways. But it remains above all a tool at the service of people. Today, the metaverse allows us to reinvent the way we can all work together. Becoming a European group at the same time as we were suffering from a global pandemic made us aware of the urgency and the need to create links with our subsidiaries, with our talents and with the world. Our ambition is to bring the world to Europe! With this technology, the development prospects are endless!”

Under the shape of a zeppelin hosting different meeting rooms, creative rooms dedicated to universes and an auditorium, the Newen Meta Sky will be inaugurated in the virtual sky of the city of Cannes on the Film Market 2022, from May 17 to 25. In addition to its presence on site, Newen Connect (distribution company of the Newen Studios group) and TF1 Studio (film label of the Newen Studios group) will take the Meta Sky as an opportunity to receive various buyers who are not physically present at Cannes, to meet talents, to present projects and to promote several programs.

Rodolphe Buet, CEO – Newen Connect: “Everything is changing in the media industry and more than ever we need human contact. For this reason, we need tools that allow us to reinforce our agility, creativity, and proactivity to optimize our interaction with our partners: producers, talents, streamers, and broadcasters. The Newen Meta Sky’s vocation is to support this ambition by offering in the metaverse spaces for meetings, exchanges, projections. This will serve our programs in all the international entertainment markets: from Cannes to Berlin or Santa Monica, from the Mipcom to the MIFA, but also all over the world and throughout the year. Accelerating the impact of European programs is the major challenge of Newen Connect and the Newen Meta Sky, piloted by our teams, will contribute to it!”

From the very beginning of the project, the Newen Meta Sky has been developed with a real desire to highlight European talent and know-how. With such a vision in mind, Newen Studios engaged two French-tech companies to assist in the construction of the project:  Komodal, expert operator of virtual and hybrid events, and Manzalab, French specialist in digital learning, with its technology “Teemew” which gives access to a virtual world from a simple computer.

Clement Merville, CEO – Manzalab: “As a creator of immersive & digital experiences for training and communication, we quickly became aware of the need to democratize access to virtual reality. We have therefore developed it for computers and flat screens from an executable. Now we offer a 100% web-based version via the browser, adapted to the needs of companies like Newen Studios. In the corporate metaverse approach, the notion of virtual reality is important. The goal is to recreate a feeling of real presence in a virtual environment and to rediscover the enjoyment and feeling of being with your teams.”

Maroua El Mokhtari, Marketing & Sales Director – Komodal “Hybridization and virtualization are gradually becoming strategic solutions to new challenges, transforming the notions of time and space. It becomes essential that we brainstorm and co-create together new human and professional experiences, remotely, that allow us to preserve the convivial, warm, and emotional moments. The metaverse, today mainly embodied by virtual worlds, meets this ambition and we have a beautiful demonstration with the creation of the Newen Meta Sky! A new platform that offers connections and bring together everyone in one place. We can’t wait for you to discover it!


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