Mysterious Cities Of Gold

Animated serie - TF1 - 2 seasons - 23 min

Based on the original series « Mysterious cities of gold » inspired by the novel The King’s Fifth of Scott O’Dell’s and written by Jean Chalopin and Bernard Deyries

Ten thousand years ago, the Mu people inhabited the Earth. Their scientific knowledge was extraordinarily advanced. Emperor Mu foresaw the end of his world and, in his infinite wisdom, had seven cities built in the four corners of the world where he would hide the seven greatest secrets of civilization in the hope that one day future civilizations could begin where his people had left off. The Mu scientists had decided that only two children who were worthy of this legacy could have access to them. The chosen children (Estéban and Zia) would be recognizable by their Sun medallions.
Our heroes will try to take over this quest that they do not understand, this strange destiny, with the vigor, the spontaneity and the innocence of their childhood. Why have they been chosen? What should they do? What is the link between this ancient civilization and their origins? Esteban and Zia don’t know yet. But they know that they now have a role to play, and Tao, the proud descendent of the Mu people, won’t let anyone else help them discover the secrets of the Mysterious Golden Cities.