Le voyageur

Drama - France 3 - 90 min

Every year in France, 310 murders go unsolved, leaving families broken by their inability to grieve. But France’s legal system is implacable: without results, there is no budget for continuing inquiries.

For Thomas Bareski, formerly a criminal investigator, tracking murderers to give justice to grieving families is more than a job, it is a duty. Bareski lives out of his van, rootless, but with a love of nature. He is not only a man unlike any other, he is above all an extraordinary policeman who decides to change his lifestyle in order to fulfil his mission.

For the last two years, agent Bareski has worked with the Police, unlocking the codes of consumer society to track killers wherever they may be found. He barters to survive, but also uses his knowledge of the natural environment to feed himself. One thing is sure, when he parks his van in the town of Montallier to investigate a series of disappearances of young girls, Bareski’s methods will surprise not only the local police force but also the local population.

Produced by

Lissa Pillu


Bruno Debrandt, Maelle Mietton, Charlie Dupont, Sylvie David, Eric Poulain, Estelle Darnault, Guillaume Carcaud, Laurence Masliah