Il ou Elle

TF1 - 45 min

Sabine and Cedric’s life is turned upside down the day their son, Julien, confesses to them his certainty of being a girl in the body of a boy.

As Julien goes through puberty, he tells them that he can’t stand to see his body transform into something that seems monstrous to him. Sabine and Cedric are faced with an insoluble dilemma: to take a leap into the unknown by accompanying their still young child in a transition to the female gender? Or keep trying to get him to accept his body as it is?

The choice is complex for Sabine and Cedric as they are confronted with divergent medical opinions, and they themselves begin to form opposing convictions … While Julien seems more and more fragile, Sabine and Cedric realize that they will not only have to fight for their child, but also for the unity of their family …

Unitarian inspired by the comic strip “Barricades” by Charlotte Bousquet

Produced by

Hubert Besson, Benjamin Faivre


Andréa Furet, Odile Vuillemin, Jonathan Zaccai …