Guess My Age

Game show - D8

In the hit gameshow GUESS MY AGE, to win a fortune, you will have 1 and only goal: find out the exact age of 6 complete strangers!

A pair of contestants is granted 100,000 Euros. Throughout 6 rounds (5 stages and a final), they have to guess the age of 6 complete strangers they have never seen before. To help them, 5 hints are made available. The contestants can use one hint per stranger. Clues include “The Song” (One song released on the year of birth of the stranger is played on set), “The Photo” (e.g.: a picture from “The Lion King” appears on-screen: this film was released the year the stranger was born.), etc.

And before reaching the final, each year’s difference between the answers given and the real age of the first 5 strangers will knock the money pot down! As contestants progress through the game, a higher amount of cash is at stake, increasing the level of pressure for all!

In the final, the pair plays for whatever money is left…!! This time, they have 4 guesses and 4 hints to find the exact age of the last stranger. Each wrong answer will cost them a quarter of the money.

More fun, more surprises, more twists are to come as the channel also commissioned several celebrity primetime one-hour specials: in each show, 2 stars will team up to win as much money as they can for a charity!

Produced by

Aurélien Lipiansky