Claire Andrieux

TV movie - Arte France - 91 min

Claire lives in her village of the Côtes-d’Armor. The daily life of this 40 year old is divided between the small real estate agency she runs, her singing lessons and visits to her sister or best friend Maëlle. Only men disturb her well-regulated daily life of assumed solitude. Gwendal, her crazy and only employee, is as unbearable to her by his eagerness as by his professional blunders. Above all, there is Bruno, who is scouting in the region for a future filming, to whom she shows houses. As their appointments go by, the charm works. But Claire seems to be on the defensive and sometimes has strange reactions. When Bruno invites her to dinner, she refuses violently. Later, to her friends Éléonore and Samuel, she confides a secret that sheds a crude light on her personality.


Produced by

Jean-Benoît Gillig

Directed by

Olivier Jahan


Jeanne Rosa, Thomas VDB, Emma de Caunes, Yannick Renier, Michel Vuillermoz, Christine Brücher, Olivia Ross, Pierre-Benoit Varoclier...