Detective drama - France 3 - 4 seasons - 90 min

A brilliant woman police officer – and inveterate city dweller – has to sacrifice her career for her son’s sake. To be near him, she takes up new functions in a small-town police station, where nothing is as efficient and smooth as it was at the Paris headquarters. She immediately has to adapt to a new team that hadn’t expected her, and to a rural world where neighbors have known each other for generations and where nights are terribly silent. But soon, bloody crimes in Annecy and its area – up to the Swiss border – will prove far more intriguing and complex than she thought.

Produced by

Laurence Bachman, Emmanuelle Samoyault


Gwendoline Hamon, Alexandre Varga, Dominique Pinon, Bruno Putzulu, Delphine Sérina, Marc Citti, Béatrice Agenin, Jessy Ugolin, Emilie Gavois Kahn