We are a collective of talents
committed to creating quality content,
rich in meaning and emotions,
fitted for all uses and territories.

Bibiane Godfroid – Newen CEO

Founded in 2008, Newen is one of the European leader in audiovisual production and distribution.

The Group’s output is produced by its subsidiaries: Newen France and Blue Spirit in France ; Tuvalu, Pupkin, Nimbus and De Mensen in Northern Europe ; Reel One in Canada, Ringside in United Kindgom ; iZen in Spain and Flare Film in Germany

Newen creates programmes for players across the sector. Whether it be for public and private channels or digital platforms, producing daily, prime-time drama or major series, feature-length animation or prestigious documentaries, non-scripted entertainment or news magazines, Newen responds to all demands, regardless of format, genre, budget, medium, or the target public.

As a subsidiary of TF1 Group, our talented teams have their sights set on the future, to create, innovate and invent new ways of writing. Taking inspiration from our core values of expertise, quality, transmission, diversity and respect, all Newen’s teams are driven by a common ambition : « All about stories »


Quality and expertise
Transmission and Sharing


We build and federate a collective force committed to creating and sharing great content fitted for new uses and new territories.


Though viewing habits and platforms may change, the world will always need stories to share, stories that fuel people’s hopes and dreams.


Bibiane Godfroid

CEO - Newen Group

Romain Bessi

Managing Director - Newen Group

Anna Pugacewicz

Deputy Managing Director - Newen Group

Vincent Meslet

Managing Executive Director - Newen France

Guillaume Thouret

Managing Director - Newen France

Benoît Thevenet

Managing Director Documentaries & Factual Entertainment - Newen France

Philippe Levasseur

Head of International - Newen Group

Eric Jacquot

Blue Spirit CEO

Emilie Maarek

General Counsel - Newen Group

Sylvain Masson

Director of Human Ressources - Newen Group

Ludivine Svaldi

Head of communication - Newen Group

Nathalie Toulza Madar

Managing Director TF1 Studio

Rodolphe Buet

Chief Distribution Officer - Newen Group

Fanchon Giorda

Deputy Managing Director Newen Creative

Emiel Neervoort

Managing Director - Tuvalu Media Group

Sander Van Meurs

Managing Director - Tuvalu Media Group

Birgitte Hald

Nimbus CEO

Bo Ehrhardt

Nimbus CEO

Maurits Lemmens

De Mensen CEO

Raf Uten

De Mensen CEO & Creative director

Tom Berry

Reel One CEO

Gub Neal

Founder and Creative Director - Ringside Studios

Jose Velasco

Director of iZen Group

Sara Fernandez-Velasco

Director of iZen Group

Martin Heisler

CEO of Flare Films

Sigrid Dyekjaer

Managing Director of Real Lava