Newen Studios wins three awards at the international festival Deauville Green Awards

09/06 | 10:25

Through its prestigious competition and international line-up, the Deauville Green Awards select and reward the best advertising and institutional documentary films on the ecological and social transition.

This year, the 12th edition of the festival took place on June 7 and 8, bringing together the industry’s most influential players. Three feature films produced by Newen Studios have been awarded.

THE TERRITORY, a film by Alex Pritz, produced by Sigrid Dyekjaer for REAL LAVA (Newen Studios) wins the Grand Prix for Best Documentary.

THE TERRITORY aims to raise awareness of the conflict between the Brazilian farmers who are burning down parts of the Amazon rainforest to set up their farms, and the people who are trying to preserve it. This local approach provides an insight into the global dilemma between economic development and nature conservation. Thanks to unique access to the heart of the indigenous tribes whose territory is threatened by human activity, this documentary enables a wide audience to become aware of the subject.

THE TERRITORY has already won twelve awards, including two at the Sundance Film Festival and one at the Zurich Film Festival.

ALL THAT BREATHES, a film by Shaunak Sen, produced by Teddy Leifer for RISE FILMS (Newen Studios), in co-production with KITERABBIT FILMS wins the Gold Award in the “Health and Quality of Life” category.

The documentary ALL THAT BREATHES seeks to explore the impact of rapid economic growth on wild animals in India, as well as the relationship between humans and animals. The film aims to raise awareness of the consequences of economic growth on natural habitats and the coexistence of human and animal communities in India.

ALL THAT BREATHES already boasts an impressive track record, including awards at the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and BFI London Festival, as well as a nomination for the 2023 Oscars.

ANIMAL, a film by Cyril Dion, produced by CAPA (Newen Studios), BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT, FRANCE 2 CINEMA, UGC and ORANGE STUDIO wins the Silver Trophy in the “Preservation of Biodiversity” category.

A hard-hitting documentary, ANIMAL raises awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the disappearance of species. Through the eyes and experiences of two young teenagers, the film highlights concrete solutions for reducing our impact on the environment, such as cutting down on meat consumption and adopting a more plant-based diet. The film also seeks to educate and inspire, showing how individual changes can have a positive impact on the environment.

An official selection at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, ANIMAL had also already won awards at the Valladolid International Film Festival, FIFF Namur, CinemAmbiente Turin, Sarlat Film Festival and Madrid’s Another Way Film Festival. In 2022, it was nominated for a César in the “Best Documentary Film” category.

These productions go beyond strong themes of eco-responsibility and societal and environmental commitment, adopting the following approaches: a strong involvement of the local community in the filming and production process, thus reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding international flights related to filming (in the case of THE TERRITORY), as well as the purchase of VCS-certified carbon credits and the implementation of various reforestation projects in partnership with PUR Projet and REFOREST’ACTION (in the case of ANIMAL).

By winning these three awards, Newen Studios is demonstrating its commitment to raising collective awareness, and its ongoing commitment to promoting cinematic works that inspire change and raise awareness of pressing environmental issues.

As part of its environmental strategy, Newen Studios is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.
To achieve this goal, the group has set up a dedicated structure, the Green Committee, to steer its policy of ecological transition. The Green Committee works on all areas of activity: filming (waste, energy, transport), buildings, data storage, IT, responsible purchasing and the development of content that raises awareness of environmental issues.
Newen Studios has also appointed an in-house carbon manager to support all productions in reducing their CO2 impact.

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