Newen Studios continues its development in France and acquires the company Daï-Daï Films

14/11 | 18:03

Newen Studios acquires French production company DAÏ-DAÏ FILMS and welcomes its founder and producer Vanessa Djian to its teams.

Vanessa Djian began her career in the movie industry alongside big names such as Clint Eastwood, Christopher Nolan, Luc Besson and Dany Boon, before creating her own production company, Daï -Daï Films, in 2017.

Daï-Daï Films is a high-potential asset for Newen Studios, reinforcing its strengths in the fields of audiovisual production.

Since its creation, it has co-produced ambitious French and international projects such as Alexis Michalik’s Edmond or Adieu Monsieur Haffman, an adaptation of the play that received six nominations at the 2018 Molières.

In all genres, Daï-Daï Films offers popular films and series with a focus on minorities to its audience and partners.

Newen Studios can rely on the unique DNA of Daï-Daï Films with an editorial line dealing with strong characters and feminism (Madame, Happy hour, L’homme de la situation) and with strong expertise in adapting plays (Edmond, Adieu Monsieur Haffman..) and comic strip adaptations (Roger, Natacha).

For Vincent Meslet, Managing Director France (Newen Studios): “The editorial singularity of Daï-Daï Films and the personality of Vanessa Djian offer us the prospect of new opportunities“.

For Vanessa Djian, founder of Dai-Dai Films: “I am very happy that Newen Studios Group shares my vision and ambitions through Dai-Dai Films to produce content with strong and popular subjects. Its expertise in financing and international development will allow Dai-Dai Films to pursue a dynamic synergy with talents by providing a rewarding and quality environment”.


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