Appointment of Leonor Grandsire – Deputy Managing Director of Newen France

Leonor Grandsire joins Newen France as Deputy Managing Director reporting to Vincent Meslet, Managing Executive Director of Newen France.

Her mission will be to accelerate Newen France’s strategy with the priority of encouraging the diversification of productions and clients, federating talents and capitalizing on the numerous synergies offered by the Group, its subsidiaries and its creative labels.

Her main objective will be to support the operational aspects specific to each of our businesses and to help the realization of the creative ideas of the group’s producers.

Vice-president of the association Pour les Femmes Dans les Médias (PFDM), Leonor Grandsire has accompanied the Morgane Group (audiovisual production, cinema and festivals) for the last two years in the evolution of its general organization and the development of its fiction department.

She was previously CEO of Southern Europe for NBCUniversal Networks, responsible for channels in France (13eme RUE, Syfy and E!), Italy (Studio Universal and Diva), Spain (Calle 13 and Syfy) and Portugal (Syfy and E!).

Leonor Grandsire began her career at TF1, where she was Head of Development for TF1 Entreprises, and then Head of the TF1 Group’s Music Division.

We would like to thank Guillaume Thouret for his commitment, loyalty and involvement in the group’s various activities over the past few years.

First as CEO of CAPA, where he drived the development of the company’s businesses, including the production of Versailles and Marie-Antoinette on the fiction side, and the diversification of the press agency’s clients and corporate activities, then as Deputy CEO of Newen, with an expanded scope to include entertainment activities, and finally as Deputy CEO of Newen France alongside Vincent Meslet.

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